Welcome to this collection of my unique work. My full name is Michelle Kathryn McGee. I go by Michelle.

I am a scientific apologist and a pioneer in the field of intelligent relating.

I publish trans-disciplinary works that challenge intellectual norms.

I am an autodidact in complex systems, theoretical physics and cosmology, nonlinearity and chaos theory, psychology and neuroscience, and a wide array of religious faiths and philosophical disciplines.

I sport a sweet theory of everything that I refer to as Novel View. Imagine not just ultimate causation but Mother-of-all causation. Not force but emergent. Not a big bang but right here, right now. (There’s a rigorous version too.)

ONT is another rigorous thing I’ve done. In short: ontologically real meaning-existence relationships by way of algorithmic analysis. You’ll find several ways to learn about it here. Still others are in development.