Intelligent Relating in a Complex Universe

MY COURSEBeginning Big Intelligence, in development

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  • The Existential Kitchen – Pretense-free recipes, whole-some ingredients, all in good taste.
  • Celebrate Mind – Encouraging a disciplined approach to framing reality, mind, self, and other as complex systems. Supporting those who want to balance and amplify the capacity of mind to enhance joy, courage, and presence in the face of complexity.

MY TREATISES (2003 to present)

Notes from the Existential Underground: The Universe as a Complex Emergent System, Cosmos & History (Oct 2016) – see full journal issue or view

What Is Communicated in the Meaning-Existence Relationships of ONT (Jan-Apr 2016) – view

Implications of a Novel View of Cosmological Energy Density and Pressure Relationship (2003) – view

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Mind Body Attention with M. Fogelman (Dec 2017, written) — brief bio; background and context about ONT; personal practices and awakening

Completely Ordinary with J. Lott (Mar 2016, video) — we riff about spirituality and science

Buddha at the Gas Pump with R. Archer (Feb 2016, podcast or video) — mainly about personal transformative experiences, very little discussion of my work and ideas

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