Expressing consensus relieves tension about neglect .
Release of tension about consensus allows bonding connection .
By itself, consensus ignores tension from denial, and dualism .
Self-expression focused on consensus simulates union within.
Focusing influence on consensus simulates admiration within.
Focusing on consensus in others simulates celebrity within.
consensus shields from or falls into anticipation, consistency, and causation .
Generate goodness and release focus on others with a meta view of consensus.
Notice its unified perspective in oneness.
Notice its truth context in instinct to be open.
Notice its meaning source in limitless self.
Notice its meaning guard in manipulation.
Notice its transformation veil in subtlety.
Notice its capacity in true generativeness.
Notice its communion in good faith.
Reflection on consensus
"Consensus" reflects autonomy under tension. Let go of "neglect" and notice the ease available through contrariness.