Regulate and direct consideration with tension around determination .
consideration generates tension with intent and opens context to reform.
When context generates ease, consideration expands into flexibility, and arising .
Through consideration , context opens for impetus .
Context moves in cycles, such that consideration might widen to include sameness, and root .
Allow change with a meta view of consideration.
Notice its unified perspective in time.
Notice its truth context in rational connectedness.
Notice its meaning source in changing self.
Notice its meaning guard in superstitiousness.
Notice its transformation veil in magic.
Notice its capacity in true connectedness.
Notice its communion in present moment.
Reflection on consideration
When intent expands, consideration is experienced. When maintained, it flows into flexibility.

The urge to hold on to intent, or resist shifting into flexibility, habituates held intent into patterns of determination. Determination patterns generate requiring hunger for embedded experiences of heroic self. This includes Feeling (melodrama) and the challenges of rage and sorrow in self or other.