greater good

Unified perspective through greater good informs love, power, and justice .
Unified perspective through opportunities that enhance greater good generate longing, initiative, and forgiveness .
Unified perspective through reinforcement patterns for greater good generate closeness, limits, and retribution .
Reflection on greater good
Greater good is rational other-awareness of things as they really are, really seem, and really feel. Its prime forms are justice, power, and love. Within it, we experience awareness of achievement and meta-awareness of greater good as external motion.

Immersed in greater-good sense, we notice opportunities to unveil the self through connection with our rational responses. We weigh our responsiveness through purpose, change, and commonality within our lives and imaginations. Veils to our need to respond, which we knowingly or unknowingly maintain, obscure our view of others or towards influence (our own or another’s) and separate us from the benefits of rational responsiveness, a shared appreciation of the external motion underpinning greater good, and rational expansion of achieving self.

Greater good combines with stillness, spirit, and time to yield the fullness of iterative meta-awareness.