Unified perspective through perceptions transforms separateness, conscious awareness, and permanence .
Unified perspective through perceptions can be limited by isolation, craziness, and boredom because they stimulate empathy.
Unified perspective through perceptions can be limited by apathy, morality, and anticipation because they stimulate judgment.
Reflection on perceptions
We have the ability to generate an internal (bodily) sense of reality where we gain access to things as they really are, really seem, and really feel. When permanence, conscious awareness, or separateness trigger it, we experience meta-awareness of perceptions as the birthplace of sensuality, and an internal sense of empty self.

Immersed in perception-sense, we notice opportunities to unveil the self through willingness experiences. We invite acquisition, sustenance, and being wronged within our lives and imaginations. Willingness veils, which we knowingly or unknowingly wear, obscure our view of others or towards influence (our own or another’s) and separate us from our internal sense of reality, the unfurling of the sensual nature of perceptions, and rational expansion of empty self.

Perceptions combine with story, truth, and oneness to yield the fullness of embedded meta-awareness.