Unified perspective through story transforms feeling, knowing, and being .
Unified perspective through story can be limited by rage, ignorance, and laziness because they stimulate empathy.
Unified perspective through story can be limited by sorrow, justification, and consistency because they stimulate judgment.
Reflection on story
We willingly engage reality in ways that ready us for other. We enter story in hopes that we may enter things as they really are, really seem, and really feel. When Being, Knowing, and Feeling trigger it, we experience meta-awareness of story as the birthplace of character, and an internal sense of heroic self.

Immersed in story-sense we notice opportunities to unveil the self through expression of what we value. We invite competition, play, and loss through our lives and imaginations. Value expression veils, which we knowingly or unknowingly wear, obscure our view of others or towards influence (our own or another’s) and separate us from the experience of readiness for other, shared appreciation of the character-building nature of story, and the rational expansion of heroic self.

Story combines with truth, oneness, and perception to yield the fullness of embedded meta-awareness.