To expand outside context, wonder embraces presence .
To limit outside context, wonder pursues fear .
wonder combines with will, and acceptance to generate contextual flow.
Context moves in cycles, such that wonder aligns to root .
To integrate new context, wonder reforms motivation, and sameness .
with a meta view of wonder.
Notice its unified perspective in spirit.
Notice its truth context in rational self-awareness.
Notice its meaning source in flowing self.
Notice its meaning guard in wildness.
Notice its transformation veil in ease.
Notice its capacity in true self-awareness.
Notice its communion in internal motion.
Reflection on wonder
Wonder emerges from the need for self as a vessel within all, the need to connect with intent so that motivation to be graced with love is expressed with others. When wonder expands, presence is experienced. When maintained, it flows into courage.

The urge to hold on to wonder, or resist shifting into courage, habituates held presence into patterns of fear. Fear patterns generate requiring hunger for embedded experiences of empty self. This includes separateness (loneliness, neediness) and the challenges of isolation and apathy in self or other.

Awareness of wonder reflects the universal need for self to express through root/grounding and the need to respond to others through commonality. Wonder is the meaning-independent vessel of rational self-awareness. Together with acceptance and will, it generates flowing self, the source of spirit.