Regulate and direct initiative with tension around limits .
initiative generates tension with power and opens context to reform.
When context generates ease, initiative expands into forgiveness, and longing .
Through initiative , context opens for change .
Context moves in cycles, such that initiative might widen to include heart, and potential .
Allow actualization with a meta view of initiative.
Notice its unified perspective in greater good.
Notice its truth context in rational other-awareness.
Notice its meaning source in achieving self.
Notice its meaning guard in authoritarianism.
Notice its transformation veil in faith.
Notice its capacity in true other-awareness.
Notice its communion in external motion.
Reflection on initiative
When power expands, initiative arises. When maintained, it flows into redemption or longing.

The urge to hold on to power or resist shifting into redemption or longing habituates held power into patterns of regulation. Regulation patterns generate requiring hunger for embedded experiences of objective self. This includes mental content (manipulation) and the challenges of uncertainty and proof in self or other.