From a place of permanence , compassionate empathy towards boredom is possible.
From a place of permanence , discerning judgment towards anticipation is possible.
permanence combines with separateness, and conscious awareness to generate flow in your focus.
Self-expression focused on permanence dissipates stress from acquisition .
Influence focused on permanence dissipates stress from hierarchy .
Sharing from a place of permanence dissipates stress from focusing on possessive ownership .
Be willing to associate freely & take risks and release focus on influence with a meta view of permanence.
Notice its unified perspective in perceptions.
Notice its truth context in internal reality perceptions.
Notice its meaning source in empty self.
Notice its meaning guard in selfishness.
Notice its transformation veil in mastery.
Notice its capacity in true willingness.
Notice its communion in sensuality.
Reflection on permanence
Permanence reflects engaged curiosity, a paradox.